Feedback & Reviews

Feedback & Reviews

Parents involved with Carol’s MYC piano classes share their feelings regarding the value of her teaching and the strengths of Murrieta Temecula Valley Music For Young Children.

Temecula Valley Children's Music

Mrs. Meeks is an incredible music teacher.  She is always willing to help her students whenever they need help.  Her methods of teaching and keeping children engaged with the more mundane parts of learning the basics of music shows how dedicated she is.  Everything is always organized and properly laid out so there is not any confusion.  Mrs. Meeks is always happy and ready to teach.  Many of the MYC graduates continue to play piano, reaching impressive levels.  I graduated 2 years ago, and although I started late, along with a few other students, Mrs. Meeks and the MYC program made it easily possible for us to learn the basics and proceed to learn what kids at our age were supposed to learn.

Yagna, Moonbeams III graduate

I would recommend MYC to anyone interested in piano lessons for their children.  This was our first year in the program and I cannot believe how far my kids have come in such a short time.  Ms. Carol is a fantastic teacher, as she is knowledgeable, patient, kind and makes learning so fun.  My two kids look forward to every lesson!

Abby, Sunbeams I parent

I am the proud mom of an MYC graduate and I have two sons joining the program this coming Fall.  I am also a former MYC teacher, so I have experience both as a music partner and as a teacher, and I cannot recommend this program and Mrs. Meeks highly enough.  The group class setting in the early years is invaluable as it builds a music foundation that private music lessons cannot offer.  After 3 or 4 years in MYC, students well be far better musicians than children who took 3 or 4 years of private lessons because MYC teaches so much more material than what can be learned in a private lesson.  We also love and appreciate Mrs. Meeks so very much.  She pours so much love, care and time into each one of her students.  She goes above and beyond as a music teacher and we very highly recommend her as a teacher.

Amy, Moonbeams III parent

After our first year of Temecula Valley Music for Young Children with Carol Meeks, I couldn’t believe how much my two children had learned.  This program has far exceeded my expectations and I am so impressed with the quality of teaching by Mrs. Meeks.  We are now beginning our 4th year and my children not only play piano beautifully, but they are confident and proud of their accomplishments having composed several of their own musical compositions so far.  Mrs. Meeks has a gift of teaching and the program is designed to engage the children in a playful and fun learning environment.  She is able to make the most difficult concepts easy and fun for the kids to learn.  My children now have an understanding of music theory that will stay with them for their entire lives.  We are so thankful that we found such an amazing program and such an amazing teacher.  I highly recommend MYC with Carol Meeks to anyone who is interested in fostering a passion for music and a foundational understanding of music theory in his or her child.

Erica, Moonbeams II parent

MYC has not only helped my daughter with piano, it has enabled us to share in an activity. I believe MYC has taught her the importance of practice and hard work. She enjoys coming to practice and has really came away with a good sense of music appreciation. Thank you carol meeks, your patience and devotion to your students is remarkable.

Parent of Moonbeams II Student

The methods that carol uses to teach the students help the concepts to really stick. Piano is truly enjoyable for my child, he looks forward to attending classes. Carol is amazing at noticing what the children need and making changes to accomadate the learning styles of the students in the class. Carol is always communicating with the parents. I am very pleased that we found Mrs. Meeks and my son has learned

Parent of Sunbeams I Student

Carol is a very talented teacher. She is patient and flexible. I love the way the class is set up; organization, lesson, and practice. Using the Music Money and Music Store has motivated my child to practice more and actually wanting to practice.

I also like how MYC and Carol require parent involvement, which is really important for both child and parent. The parent gets to learn right along with their child. I always speak highly of Carol’s program and recommend/refer my friends to her class.

Parent of Sunshine I Student

I am a mother of twin boys; they are now 5 years old. We came across the MYC program via an internet search engine and have participated in the program since February 2010. Carol is a blessing for our family. She is a talented composer who has the gift to relate to children in a unique way. Her patience and caring demeanor makes Carol one of a kind instructor. My children absolutely adore her. 

Sometimes while they play, I hear them speak of her; they even get a hold of my cell phone and start dialing her number. I get the sense they see Carol as a friend who knows a lot about music. Carol’s extensive experience and wisdom has truly helped me and helped my children. She has taken the time to listen and guide me when I have had challenges with my boys. Carol’s classes are well structured and rich in culture. She introduces children to various aspects of the arts. 

Children learn music history, music theory, composition, singing, and body coordination just to name a few. The music program is well rounded. It is truly amazing to see the progress my children have made since they started the program. Carol has truly enriched my children’s life. I would definitely recommend this program.

Parents of Moonbeams III Graduates

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